Best Dual/Hybrid Generators Buy Guide

7 Best Dual Fuel Generators + Buy Guide

Dual fuel generators, often called hybrids, use two types of fuel to run with the advantage of having the best of both fuels. Most will use a combination of gasoline and propane with the advantage of each fuel being utilized.

While gasoline is easily available and the most preferred generator fuel, propane has the advantage of generating more power per unit of fuel and not going stale even after a long period of time. With both fuels in a single generator, you can have a longer run time and more power than what a single fuel generator would manage.

Below, we reviewed more than 30 dual fuel generators on the market and settled on 7 of the best. These are generators of a high quality and they have been crafted to make the most of the dual fuel system to enjoy all of its advantages.

DuroMax XP12000EH


The best of the best in terms of dual fuel generators is the DuroMax XP12000EH Dual Fuel Generator. It has a powerful 457cc engine at 18HP. The engine starts at 12,000 watts and runs at 9,500 watts which is quite impressive given its size.

The MX2 technology it comes with allows you to use each of the receptacles on its outside at 120V or 240V simultaneously. Better yet, it runs on both gas and propane allowing you easy switching for when you find it convenient.


  • Dual fuel increases convenience.
  • Large fuel tank for more fuel and longer runtime.
  • Copper windings and metal construction make for a sturdy generator.
  • Electric start makes it easy to start the generator.
  • All-terrain tires are great for the outdoors.
  • Low oil shutoff protects the engine from knocking.
  • MX2 technology provides maximum power at all times.
  • User-friendly design.


  • The propane regulator is a bit confusing.

This generator makes the most of the dual fuel system by providing a large tank and being very friendly to the user.

Champion Power Equipment 100891 9375/7500-Watt

Champion 7500-Watt

With Champion generators being some of the most popular, the Champion 7500-Watt Dual Fuel Generator stands out as one of the best when it comes to utilizing the dual fuel technology. It runs on both propane and gasoline with gasoline having a run time of 7500 watts and propane having 6750 watts.

It’s also very user-friendly as it comes with an electric starter and cold start technology which enables it start even in very cold environments. The included Intelligauge technology displays the voltage, run time, power output and reminders for maintenance.


  • Dual fuel design for convenience.
  • Powerful engine for its size.
  • Rugged wheels for ease of movement in rough terrain.
  • User-friendly design and features.
  • Intelligauge technology makes it easy to monitor the vitals of the generator.


  • A bit loud.

Although slightly louder than the alternatives, we loved the compact size and the powerful engine of this generator. It’s truly one of the best.

Westinghouse WGen9500DF

Westinghouse WGen9500DF

The Westinghouse WGen9500DF is one of the most powerful generators using the dual fuel system. On gasoline, it has a run time of 17.5 hours and starting and running wattages of 12,500 and 9,500 respectively. On propane, it has a run time of 11 hours and starting and running wattages of 11,200 and 8,500 respectively. With a 457cc 4-stroke engine, it’s one of the most powerful.

You get 3 starting options being the recoil pull start, electric start and a remote controlled start. You also get 6 AC outlets and 2 DC outlets to power lots of appliances at once. For portability, this generator has a 10-inch wheel kit, an open-frame design and folding handles. It’s a bit heavy at 202 lbs. however.


  • Powerful engine for powering heavy equipment.
  • Long run time on both gas and propane allows for longer periods with power.
  • Many starting options for convenience.
  • 3-year limited warranty.
  • Durable construction.


  • Not fit for sensitive electric appliances.

If you’re looking to power heavy equipment with a dual fuel generator, this is the one.

Champion 3400 Watt Dual Fuel Inverter Generator

Champion 3400 Watt  Inverter Generator
Champion Dual Fuel Inverter Generator

The next entry from Champion is the 3400 Watt Dual Fuel Inverter Generator. As the first inverter generator on our list of dual fuel generators, it boasts of some of the best features especially when it comes to using sensitive electronics such as mobile phones and others.

The inverter helps stabilize the power for sensitive electronics hence the inclusion of two USB ports besides the other 3 outlets. On gasoline, it has starting and running wattages of 3400 and 3100 respectively and has a run time of 7.5 hours on the 1.6-gallon gas tank and 25% load. On the 20-pound propane tank, you get a run time of 14 hours on 25% load with starting and running wattages of 3060 and 2790 respectively.


  • Inverter technology produces clean and stable power for use with sensitive electronics.
  • Very low noise levels (59 decibels at 25% load).
  • User friendly.
  • Smart economy mode helps with fuel efficiency.
  • Parallel capable hence can be connected to another generator for more power.


  • Lacks a few gauges such as one for fuel.

For camping and household appliances, this generator is among the very best thanks to the included inverter.

WEN DF1100 Dual Fuel Portable Generator

WEN DF1100 Dual Fuel Portable

For rugged conditions outdoors and when you need large amounts of power, the WEN DF1100 has your back on that. It has an easy way to switch between the fuels with a simple dial and a powerful 457cc 4-stroke engine.

With gasoline running the generator, you get starting and running watts of 11,000 and 8,300 respectively. With propane, you get 9,500 starting and 7,500 running watts. Besides the fuel, you can also easily switch between 120V and 240V outputs. The 7 outlets included also offer lots of options to power your devices.


  • Has protective circuit breakers for the safety of your appliances.
  • Rugged design for use outdoors.
  • Included wheels for portability.
  • Foldable handles to save on storage space.


  • A bit complex to use.

For the RV or other outdoor use that requires heavy power, this generator, which runs on both gasoline and propane, is a great option.

Pulsar PG10000B16 Dual Fuel Generator

Pulsar PG10000B16

The best feature about this generator is that it can switch between the fuels without the need to switch off the engine first. That’s the Switch & Go technology of which most Pulsar generators running dual fuels have. At 50% load, it can run for 12 hours straight.

On gas, you get 10,000 starting watts and 8,000 running watts. Propane gives you 9,000 starting watts and 7,000 running watts. With a 420cc 4-stroke engine and six outlets, you’re all set for a great trip in your RV. The powder-coated steel frame means that it’s a tough and strong generator meant for the outdoors.


  • Switch & Go technology allows easy switching between fuels without shutting of the engine.
  • 12 hours runtime for consistent power supply.
  • Electric push start for convenience.
  • 6 outlets which can be used simultaneously for further convenience.
  • Propane hose included saving on costs.
  • Rugged all-terrain wheels for movement.
  • Built-in indicators help easily observe the important readings.


  • The power produced isn’t very stable.

This generator is an easy choice for those seeking a dual fuel generator for use for long periods of time both indoors and outdoors.

DuroMax XP4850EH Dual Fuel Portable Generator

DuroMax XP4850EH Dual Fuel Portable Generator
DuroMax XP4850EH

The second entry from DuroMax is the XP4850EH which is one of the largest dual fuel generators on the market. Gasoline gives you a starting wattage of 4,850 and a running wattage of 3,850 while propane generates 4,608 starting watts and 3,658 running watts. This is quite a high level of power production for dual fuel generators.

It comes with the DuroMax Dual Fuel Technology which is geared towards using clean energy as this generator can be connected to a BBQ gas line and will run without an issue. It has a rugged built which ensures that it survives in the harsh outdoor conditions when camping with your RV.


  • Dual fuel technology allows for use of gasoline and propane as deemed fit.
  • Produces high amounts of power for use with heavy equipment.
  • High-quality build for use in harsh conditions.
  • Wheels included for portability.


  • Only three outlets.

If high amounts of power on the move is what you desire, consider this generator as it also adds the convenience of using two fuels.

Choose any of these generators to enjoy the benefits of using two fuels on one generator. For most people, this will help do away with the anxiety that comes about due to being in an area without a specific type of fuel.

So far, the focus has been on dual fuel generators that rely on gasoline and propane. However, there are generators that can run on other fuels such as diesel, natural gas and others too. Also, there are generators that use three types of fuel and are called tri-fuel generators.

Buy Guide

In buying dual fuel generators, consider the aspects below:


Generators aren’t generally cheap if you’re looking for a good quality and the right size and features. The same goes for dual fuel generators as you will incur more for a good quality one with the right size of fuel tanks and the best features.

In general, a large generator will give you more power, hold more fuel but will cost you more. Even when you go for a smaller one, make sure it has the right features and performs correctly. Our advice is that you avoid cheap generators as they are no good since they don’t last and have fewer features.


The amount of money and time you spend maintaining your generator should be as little as possible. However, gasoline and propane generators require more maintenance than diesel ones. Dual fuel generators will require even more in terms of oil changes, changing spark plugs and general maintenance. The good news is that maintenance alone won’t take so much time that it becomes a dealbreaker for most generators.

Running Time

Running time refers to the amount of time the generator can run without going off due to overheating or other reasons. It’s determined by many different factors including the type of fuel you use, the load and the generator itself. There are generators that can run for as much as 12 hours or more while other can’t go beyond 6 hours on a continuous basis.

The larger the generator’s tank, the longer the run time. However, if you don’t need the generator running for long given your power needs, you can always opt for a shorter runtime as the generator will be much cheaper.

Ease of Use

The ease of use for the generator will depend on factors such as the portability and maintenance. If you need the generator for your RV, it must have wheels and handles meant for the outdoors. Beyond that, the handles need to fold to save on the storage space in your RV or store. The wheels also need to be rugged enough allow for use in rocky and wet conditions.

The other aspect on the ease of use is the maintenance in terms of the checks you need to make routinely. If you decide to go with a dual fuel generator, expect lots of maintenance and checks as you’ll be running a hybrid system meant to accommodate the two types of fuel.


The size of the generator determines the amount of power desired. For this reason, you need a generator with the right amount of power for your needs since getting one that’s too small can be an issue. You need to consider size also in terms of the ease of movement (portability) and if you’ll need to move the generator a lot or not. If you’re to use the generator with your RV, you definitely need to balance power output and the size.

Noise Levels

The level of noise of the generator depends on the fuel used, the size and the proximity to the users. Gasoline generators are louder than propane ones and you can notice this even when using the two types of fuel on the same generator. Also, a large size of generator will have more noise than a smaller one. Consider how close to the users the generator will be as well.

These aspects will help you decide on the best dual fuel generator to go with depending on your needs.

The Benefits of Dual Fuel Generator

With a dual fuel generator, you get the following benefits:

1.  Economical to Use

Using both propane and gasoline helps circumvent the disadvantages of each fuel making the whole process economical. For example, propane is cheaper than gasoline in terms of fuel efficiency and will thus come in handy when you need to run the generator for long on a low load level.

Also, you get a cheaper use case with both fuels when one of the fuels isn’t available. Rather than traveling for long looking for fuel, you just buy the alternative which can be readily available. In the end, the main reason to switch to a dual fuel generator is to save on running costs.

2. Flexible

The flexibility of dual fuel generators can’t be stressed enough. In emergencies such as hurricanes, fires and earthquakes, getting a hold of fuel can be difficult. Most gasoline pumps would not be working given the risk they pose to property and lives.

For such cases, propane will be the fuel of choice as it can be stored for long without going bad. Also, propane isn’t as flammable as gasoline and it thus poses a lower risk of fires.

3. High portability

Most dual fuel generators are meant to be used on the move for activities such as road trips and camps. This means they’re made into small sizes with wheels and foldable arms for ease of movement.

4. Easy to Use

Dual fuel generators are some of the easiest to use as most tasks are automated or require a simple push of a button. Most will come with an electric start and even a remote-controlled start and stop key. You can also get that native coil start for when the other two don’t work.

You also get lots of outlets with this breed of generators as they’re meant to be used with most appliances even when away from the home.

5. Easy to Maintain

Most dual fuel generators are meant to last and they have rugged features which ensure they work for long without issues. The use of two types of fuel also means you won’t need to deal with the downsides of each fuel such as gasoline going stale when stored for long since you have propane for that.

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Are dual fuel generators any good?

Dual fuel generators are among the best types of generators as they’re cheaper to run, more convenient and very reliable.

How long will a dual fuel generator run on propane?

Most dual fuel generators will run for at least 6 hours on propane with some going for as long as 12 hours.

Does Generac have a dual fuel generator?

Yes. Generac has dual fuel generators on the market.