What can appliances can a 700 watt portable generator run in house and outdoor?

What will a 700-Watt Generator Run?

As much as it may not sound big, a 700-watt portable can run a couple of low-power indoor and outdoor items including light bulbs, humidifiers, microwave oven, AM/FM radio, electric drill, inflator pump, TV, CRT computer, refrigerator plus more!

When it comes to generators, the wattage refers to the amount of power it can generate. The number of watts is usually written on the side around the same area the name of the generator is written. From this figure, you can determine which appliance can run on the generator as the wattage written is the maximum it can produce.

At times, the power output might not be in watts but in amps and volts or even horsepower. If you have amps and volts, you get watts through the formula: watts = amps x volts. You basically multiply the amps by the amps to get the watts. If it’s written in horsepower, just multiply the horsepower by 745.7 since 1 horsepower is equal to 745.7 watts.

There is also the aspect of knowing the starting and running wattages for electronic appliances. The starting wattage is what an appliance needs to start while the running wattage is what’s needed to keep the appliance on and running. The starting wattage is usually higher than the running wattage and getting a generator requires matching it with the starting cost to use the appliance.

Draper 700 watt portable generator

Electronics at or below 700 watts

With your 700-watt generator, you can run the following appliances:

ApplianceRunning WattageStarting Wattage
Light bulb – 60 Watt6060
Light bulb – 70 Watts7575
Humidifier – 13 Gal175175
Quartz halogen work light – 300300300
Quartz halogen work light – 500500500
Electric drill – 3/8”, 4 amps440600
AM/FM radio100100
CD/DVD player100100
Box fan – 20”200200
Microwave oven – 625 Watts625625
Food processor400400
Electric can opener168168
Stereo receiver450450
Color N – 27″500500
PlayStation, X-Box, Game Cube4040
Security system500500
Fax machine6565
Inkjet printer8080
Color N – 13″150150
Outdoor light string250250
Cell phone battery charger2525
Inflator pump50150
Electric space heater (low)600600
Waterbed heater (10 hours per day)450 
Window unit AC, Small500500
Evaporative cooler400400
52” ceiling fan (high speed)9090
48” ceiling fan (high speed)7575
36” ceiling fan (high speed)5555
42” ceiling fan (high speed)2424
Refrigerator (compressor)700700
Refrigerator (average)160160
Desktop computer (17” CRT monitor)500500
Desktop computer (sleep mode)2020
17” CRT monitor9090
17” LCD monitor4040
Laptop computer4545
50-56″ plasma TV340340
50-56″ LCD TV260260
50-56″ DLP TV170170
42” plasma TV270270
42” LCD TV210210
32” LCD TV125125
19” CRT TV9090
Xbox 360165165
Trash compactor400400
Sewing machine7575
Clock radio44

You can run more than one appliance as long as the total wattage is 700 or below.

Top 700-watt Generators

If you’re in the market for a 700-watt generator, the names below should be high on your shopping list. We have included some generators above 700 watts for your consideration since it’s always wise to get more power than you’ll be needing.

VTPOWER 577WH700Lithium Battery Multifunction Power Supply With AC Outlet USB Ports
BLUETTI EB70700LiFePO4 Battery Backup w/ 4 110V AC Outlets, 2 100W USB-C, Regulated 12V
Draper Tools 28853 Petrol Generator 700Recoil starter. 2-stroke petrol engine at 2.0 HP. Fuel tank has 2.5L capacity. Voltage output of 230V.
Clarke G720 Petrol Generator 720W720Recoil starter. Petrol engine. 6.5h operating time. 230 output voltage.Weighs 17kg.
Sealey GG0720 230V Generator 2hp72012V and 230V outlets. 2hp 2-stroke engine. Small and handy.
Instant Power Portable Suitcase Inverter Petrol Generator800W12V and 230V outlets. 4 stroke engine at 2.6HP. Quiet at only 54dB. Has DC charging wires.
Wolf 800W Petrol Generator Portable Inverter800Has econo switch to switch to idling mode when no power is being drawn. Weighs only 9kg. Output for 12V and 230V.
700-watt generators list
Sealey-720 watt

Any one of these generators will solve your needs for electronics at or below 700 watts of power.

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