what appliances a 2000-watt generator can run

What can you Run on a 2000-Watt Generator?

The wattage rating of your generator dictates how much of a load the generator can carry per single time. The wattage on your devices, on the other hand, determines how much power the appliance will draw from the generator per unit time.

A 2000-watt generator can run a cook with a 650 watt microwave of not more than 1000 watts and a few lights all connected. It can run a single mid-sized fridge of not more than 1200.It can also run a couple of other small devices all connected.

It is important to understand that for the generator to power up a device, the number of Watts supplied must at least match the power needed by the appliance. It must, first of all, match the starting wattage of the appliance followed by the running wattage.

As their names suggest, the starting wattage is the power needed to start the device while the running wattage is the power needed to keep the device running. In most cases, the starting wattage is either more or equal to the running wattage.

Appliances run by a 2000-watt generator

2000 watt yamaha generator

If you have a generator with an output of 2000 watts, you can start and run all devices with a starting and running wattage that’s equal to or less than 2000 watts. These include the following:

ApplianceRunning WattsStarting Watts
Light bulb – 60 Watt6060
Light bulb – 75 Watt7575
Sump pump – 1/3 HP8001300
Water well pump – 1/3 HP10002000
Space heater18001800
Humidifier – 13 Gallons175175
Furnace fan blower – 1/3 HP7001400
Window AC – 10,000 BTU12001800
Quartz halogen work light 300300300
Quartz halogen work light 500500500
Quartz halogen work light 100010001000
Airless sprayer 1 1/3 HP6001200
Reciprocating saw960960
Electric drill – 3/8”, 4 Amps440600
Electric drill – ½”, 5.4 Amps600900
Miter saw – 10”18001800
Electric grill16501650
AM/FM radio100100
CD/DVD player100100
Box fan – 20”200200
Clothes dryer – gas7001800
Microwave oven – 625 Watts625625
Microwave oven – 100010001000
Coffee maker10001000
Dishwasher – hot dry15001500
Food processor400400
Toaster oven12001200
Electric can opener168168
Stereo receiver450450
Color N – 27”500500
PlayStation, Xbox, Game Cube4040
Security system500500
Curling iron15001500
Hair dryer – 1250 Watt12501250
Planer/jointer – b”18001800
Table saw/radial arm saw – 10”20002000
Air compressor – 114 HP9751600
Personal computer – 17” monitor800800
Laser printer950950
Fax machine6565
Inkjet printer8080
Copy machine16001600
Color N – 13”150150
Outdoor light string250250
Cell phone battery charger2525
Inflator pump50150

You can run more than one appliance as long as the total wattage is equal to or less than 2000 Watts.

Top 2000-watt generators (brands)

Yamaha EF2000iSv2 2000W Generator2000Starting wattage of 2000W and running wattage of 1600W. Quiet operation at 51.5 to 61 decibels. Less than 45 pounds weight. Clean and stable power output. 10.5 hours runtime. Modular compatibility.
WEN 56200i 2000-watt Inverter Generator2000Weighs 50 lbs. 53 decibels of sound. 2000 starting Watts and 1600 running Watts. Has 12V DC, 120V AC and 5V USB outlets. Provides clean and safe energy.
Lifan Energy Storm ESI2000i Gas Powered Portable Generator2000125cc 4 stroke engine. 60 decibels maximum noise level. 7 hours of runtime at 50% load on a 0.92-gallon tank. 2 120V outlets.
Honda EU2200i 2000-watt Generator2000Modular compatibility. Nosie level between 53 and 62 decibels. Weighs less than 47 lbs. Provides stable and safe power.
Generac 6866 2000W2000Starting wattage of 2000 Watts and running wattage of 1600W. Run time of 5.7 hours on a 1.06-gallon tank at 50% load and 7.7 hours at 25% load. Modular compatibility. Has economy, standard and turbo modes to save on fuel.
lifan 2000 watt

Any one of these generators will serve you well as long as your total load is less or equal to 2000 watts.


Will a 2000-watt generator run an air conditioner?

No. The average air conditioner has a wattage of 3500 watts. The starting wattage is even higher than that.

Will 2000-watt generator run a refrigerator?

Yes, but in most cases small to medium size fridges; not more than 1200 watts

Will a 2000-watt generator power my RV?

Definitely yes but it all depends with the number and energy requirements of the appliances in your RV.

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